The Sycamores
1812 - 1860
 The story starts
 Thomas & Alice Scovell
William & Elizabeth Knell
Gen. Sir Thomas McMahon Bt.
McMahon's children
 Aubrey Hope McMahon
 Horace Westropp McMahon
    Charles Bancroft mystery
    The mystery continues!
 Francis Yorke McMahon
 Norman Reginald McMahon
 Frances Mary Hardman
1893 -1915
 General Sir Reginald Gipps 
 Outside The Sycamores, 1913
Gipps's children
 Evelyn Louisa Romer
    Evelyn's houses
 Reginald Nigel Gipps
 George Lancelot Gipps
 Hillside Convent College
 Outside The Sycamores, 1917
 Inside The Sycamores , 1920s

 Outside The Sycamores, 1920s
 The college bell
1927 - 1979, Herbert H. Hilder
 Occupant timeline
Who built The Sycamores?
 Our conjectures
Sycamores lodge
 1861 to 2007
 Outside the lodge, 1919
 Occupant timeline
Farnborough Park houses
 William Knell's houses
 Early F'borough houses
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 Historic Farnborough
 Northcamp Village
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