The Sycamores in 1913

In 2008 I was extremely lucky to come across six family photograph albums of the Romer family started by Malcolm and Evelyn Romer (née Gipps) who was the daughter of General, Sir Reginald Gipps.

They covered three generations of the family starting with Colonel Frederick Charles Romer, Colonel Malcolm Romer and his son Lt Colonel Malcolm Nigel Romer and their families from around the late 1890s up until 1947.

They included several photos of The Sycamores taken by Malcolm Romer when visiting the house in 1913. (Credit: Robert Smith)


The eastern aspect (back) of the house

The front aspect of the house

We suspect this is the billiards room with some of
General Reginald Gipps's career memorabilia on the wall over the desk